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Developmental Disability

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Fatima Akter
Fatima Akter

Best Buy Box

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Best Buy is your best option when it comes to shopping for open box deals. From open box electronics to small appliances and even home office products, Best Buy has the widest selection of items offered from top brand names. You also have the choice of open box products from Marketplace sellers, or the unbeatable value that comes with Geek Squad certified open box items.

Best Buy expects its suppliers to use best practices, including high ethical standards, in the conduct of its business. We are looking for suppliers who are willing to partner with us to develop working arrangements that lead to efficient supply of high quality goods & services that meet our needs.

While we do our best to ensure all open-box devices are reviewed, and marked accordingly for condition and any missing accessories, occasionally something may be missed. Should this be a concern surrounding an accessory or part that was listed as included, please know we are unable to assist in locating replacements, so this would leave you with the option of a return or exchange.

So I have been Looking into buying a laptop and have been waiting for a sale to go on for it. The price went down from 1100 to 850 I figured i'll buy it now. I went to look at the open box options and chose the highest level of open box you can get which is the geek squad certified one. It was only 50 dollars less from the unopened laptop price, if I new what was going to happen in the future I would have bought the new one. So the laptop shows up at my door a week later, it looks very good no sign that anyone has used it. I plug it in it turns on everything seems good, but this is where everything went downhill. I go to unplug it and it won't turn on unless it's plugged in. The battery was at 100% and still won't turn on using the battery. I go to my local best buy store and see if I can get it exchanged, the guy said there was no more open box laptops for the exact one I had. He also said we couldn't just swap it for a new one, he also couldn't see other stores open box prices. So we ended up just getting the refund. I get home and went on best buys site and now the price of the laptop is now 1100. I was very mad because I would have had the laptop for 800 if the geek squad can correctly evaluate a laptop. I originally went for the open box option because I had a friend buy the same laptop at the lowest open box quality and it was perfect aswell. I ended up calling the best buy customer service center and working out a deal out with them for getting a working laptop of what I had just bought for the same price as I had just payed. Keep in mind it was still an open box one because the could only adjust the price around 200$. That was very nice of them but it took about 2 hours on the phone to do this. In the end best buy needs to check every parameter of the open box items if they are going to call it the excellent condition, and buyers need to beware when buying open box items.

Half of the participants (n = 14) did not wear the pedometers on at least 1 day; from a total of 168 user-days in the study, pedometers were worn on 133 user-days (79% of all days). The most common reasons for not wearing the pedometers were forgetting (28 user-days), losing the pedometers (4 user-days), and wearing a dress (3 user-days). The low-cost MCH pedometer functioned on only 80 user-days, representing 60% of user-days worn, while the CR best-buy pedometer functioned on all days worn. Counts on both pedometers were accidentally reset on approximately 10% of user-days worn. The low-cost MCH pedometer fell off or was dropped more frequently than the CR best-buy model (7% versus 2% of user-days worn). In all instances of resetting or dropping, the pedometers continued to measure steps throughout the day. Although the difference between the two models in mean daily step counts for the 6-day study period was only 75 steps, on 45% of the 78 days on which both models were worn and functioning, the daily step counts differed between the two models by more than 2000 steps (Figure). Using measurements from the CR best-buy model, we found that fewer than 12% of participants achieved the popularly cited goal of 10,000 steps per day (6), and more than half had fewer than 5000 steps per day. As shown in the Table, women who drive to work took significantly fewer steps per day compared with women who ride the subway, train, or bus, and women who mostly sit or stand at work took significantly fewer steps per day compared with women who mostly walk at work. One-way analysis of variance [ANOVA] was used to compare means.

In this study, the low-cost MCH pedometer model was found to be largely ineffective. Although the CR best-buy model was more reliable in terms of user-days functioning, developers of walking programs using pedometers need to consider cost in addition to reliability. In this study, the benefit of keeping costs low was offset by the poor functioning of the low-cost MCH pedometer model. Programs should carefully evaluate the reliability of any pedometer before use in an intervention. 59ce067264


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