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A Cute Picnic

A Cute Picnic

Picnics are a great way to bond with your significant other. It gives you time to talk to a person intimately while remaining in touch with nature. However, for some people, figuring out how to make it romantic can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are a couple of simple steps that a person can take when planning their picnic to make sure that they are fully prepared to romance their person of interest.

Ultimate Crudité PlatterServe this board as an appetizer, or make it the main event! Filled with white bean dip, tart cherry compound butter, marinated feta, and a rainbow of veggies, it would be a delicious picnic on its own.

Best Deviled EggsGet ahead with your picnic food prep by cooking the hard boiled eggs a day or two in advance. Then, assemble the deviled eggs a few hours before you eat. Make the recipe as written, or blend pickled jalapeños into the filling for a tangy, spicy kick!

Caprese SkewersThese cute little skewers transform Caprese salad into a fun, bite-sized picnic food! Keep them traditional with cherry tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella, or add diced peaches for a sweet twist.

PestoSo often, we toss pesto with pasta or dollop it onto pizza but forget how fantastic it is on its own. When I have an abundance of summer basil, I like to pack a jar of pesto (or vegan pesto) in my picnic basket to spread onto crackers or good crusty bread.

My boyfriend and I made the Caprese sandwich, watermelon salad and zucchini chocolate chip bread for a picnic. The recipes were simple and turned out so delicious!! Highly recommend trying it out. We decided to go on more picnics this summer and work our way through this list. Thanks so much for sharing!!

It takes me a week in order to prepare a picnic. First of all I have to picks. date and time etc. Then I have to decide about the next question which is location. Finally I hold a formal family meeting to discuss the other aspects like picnic food and drink. It takes a lot of time in other words. We usually also have a family meeting to make brief summary notes and talk about options. I delegate tasks. For family picnics I make a lot of sandwiches and small pies. Or we have cakes and sausage rolls.

Kick back with the simplicity of the Country Vintage Picnic Basket with Lid. This small wicker picnic basket for 2 is right at home in the park or a lazy day at the beach. Straight out of a storybook, this classic English-inspired large wicker picnic basket set is perfect for 2. With a lovely handwoven-willow body, a sturdy grab-and-go handle, a washable poly/cotton liner, and a wooden split-lid for dual entry that can also be used as a level surface for cups and plates, this picnic basket brings a stylish vintage sensibility. This basket even offers an opportunity for self-expression if you're crafty/DIY type - you can paint, chalk, or draw on the lid to customize your basket and make it 100% your own. Keep it classy and classic with this iconic split lid wicker basket.

I love this country picnic basket. The basket is big enough to fit many items. We really love the basket its easy to carry around and the top lids are also easy to open. The wicker basket is good quality. The cloth liner inside is a nice red and black plaid. Easy to remove and wash. We use the basket when we go to the park or school games, everyone loves the picnic basket.

I have been wanting a picnic basket and finally caved in! Cutest basket ever fits so much food and drinks. I love how light it is and super easy to clean . Was the perfect accessory to go on a park picnic with my kids.

This picnic time country picnic basket is extremely cute and looks authentic. Like a basket used back in the day when people actually went on picnics. It has a very country look to it. I like the flaps that lift up an open to a cute red and white plaid lined basket. Its a nice large size where I could fit plates, silverware, and food. Its heavy duty and strong woven basket. The liner comes out for easy cleaning and can be put back without any problems. The flaps have little leather Velcro straps wrapped around them so that you could easily move it. The top surface is nice and flat so you can set drinks on it while having a picnic. It also makes for a nice decoration just to be left out. There were a couple minor imperfections where the basket weaving didnt look completely perfect. I know that its hard to get perfection when weaving heavy duty materials like this, there was a couple breaks in the smaller baskets around the handle. But its still a great quality basket that I expect to last for many years. Its really built strongly and seems like it would hold a lot of weight. It definitely makes me want to go on a picnic and enjoy a day out with someone special since this would probably hold enough for two people.

Since becoming a homesteader I felt like the only thing missing is having a real picnic basket. This one is just the epitome of a picnic basket. I love the dual lid. They are the perfect amount of thickness. Not too thick that it would smash the food. For instance if you had bread poking out of it. Though its not too light that the wind will blow them. The basket is really roomy and can hold quite a lot. Since getting it Ive used it from everything to going on a picnic to collecting eggs, and harvesting veggies with it. Its easy to carry and made with quality wicker. The handle is strong and sturdy. I always just grab it and go. The liner is easy to remove and clean. I love everything about it. I cant be more pleased with it.

Disclosure: This is a paid partnership with Dometic. We'd like to give a huge thank you to Dometic for fueling our most amazing fall adventure yet! Dometic makes mobile adventuring easier with their award winning coolers, drink ware, and portable power solutions. They gave us the ultimate glamorous fall picnic setup with their tumblers and portable refrigerated cooler.

There are so many great things about building a charcuterie board. You can pack everything ahead of time, then assemble when it's time to eat, so nothing gets soggy. It's easy to customize to make sure everyone has something they enjoy, and has items suited to their diet type. Plus, it's light enough to not weigh you down o na date, but filling enough where you won't go hungry.

This is such a great post! I don't know why I never thought of using our back balcony for a date night picnic! Definitely doing this soon, especially with the craziness of nursing school and limited freetime! Such a great idea! You both are doing such an amazing job on the blog! I also can't wait to try out the fig drink!

Kudos for the nod to the leave no trace guidelines!! I loved hanging out by the lakefront when I was in Chicago. Mountains are great, but like you mentioned - there's definitely something special about listening to the water! Great post, ya'll! I'm inspired to squeeze in a picnic before snow buries us all

Other cute picnic ideas include hanging jars filled with flowers in trees tied to colorful ribbons. You can also get creative by hanging a wooden board to a branch for a makeshift picnic table. Also, a small arrangement of flowers is perfect for decorating your picnic basket.

Another romantic picnic food idea is to get creative with heart-shaped desserts. Fruits like watermelon and strawberries are refreshing for an outdoor picnic in the sun. Use cookie cutters to create heart shapes out of them!

For a more relaxed vibe, maybe reading your favorite books together or playing music is more your speed. In addition, a picnic can be the perfect setting for a photography shoot. Spend the afternoon taking photos together and capture memories that you can keep forever.

A picnic date is more casual compared to a fancy dinner date so you can dress down if you want. Pick a comfortable outfit, which you are most confident wearing. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure the fabric is light and breezy.

And so, to make your picnics extra special, gathered here are Picnic Food Ideas to bring in your next picnic getaway. Quick and easy to make comfort foods that will surely bring joy to everyone. (Also, see my collection of Irresistible Summer Recipes for other choices.)

Enjoy a real tea party with your loved one with this thirst-quencher drink made with 5 simple ingredients. Easily customizable with your favorite tea and fruits. Oh yes! Simply entertaining and refreshing drink perfect for a quick picnic date.

This is surely gonna be your next favorite picnic finger food. Quick and super easy to make! Simple yet elegant bite-sized mini sandwiches topped with fresh thin slices of cucumber in a delicious Mayonnaise and cream cheese dressing. Perfect picnic date food you can share with your loved one.

Chewy and soft Italian bread with a slightly crisp exterior that can be served as breakfast, snack, appetizer, and even a side dish. Surprisingly easy to make yet super rich in flavor from fresh herbs. One of the best picnic food ideas that will surely be a new crowd favorite.

These tortilla chips are simply amaaazing! Baked or fried, either way, will come out perfectly crispy and crunchy. Absolutely tasty and savory with the addition of Taco Seasoning. The ultimate comfort food is perfect for parties and picnics.

This scrumptious grape salad deserves a spot in the best picnic food ideas. A vibrant and refreshing salad with a combination of green and red grapes tossed in a creamy yogurt dressing. Sprinkled with brown sugar and chopped pecans for added texture. Simply divine!

Cajun spice is the secret to this salad superstar. The added heat will surely leave a lingering sensation in your mouth. Loaded with potatoes, carrots, and peas smothered in creamy mayonnaise and sour cream dressing. A perfect addition to your list of picnic food ideas.

The inviting bright colors of this salad are equally delicious and satisfying. Loaded with rotini pasta, cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, and cucumber coated in mildly sweet salad dressing. An easy picnic date food you and your partner will surely enjoy! 59ce067264


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