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[S1E7] Dead Calm


[S1E7] Dead Calm

The final season of The Walking Dead is set to wrap in 2022, no less than twelve years after its debut. The series has shifted show runners, killed off countless characters, and thought up endless ways to pit humans against the undead, and, perhaps more importantly, each other. It might be the human drama that kept us tuning in for more, but this was never a series that let us feel too comfortable becoming attached to a character. Even fan favorites like Glen, Siddiq, and Beth were not safe from the zombie apocalypse, while central characters like Rick Grimes made pretty some controversial moves along the way.

This entry is generally remembered for the shocking moment in which it is revealed that the Whisperers have killed and then taken the zombified heads of many friends and family members and put them on a series of pikes jutting up out of a nearby hill. Truly, that moment is devastating, but the reason it works so well is that there is quite literally a calm before it occurs. The group enjoying a social gathering and idly wondering where their friends is a major part of why the revelation is as crushing as it is.

And then there's Iofur. As in the books, he wears golden armor, rather than the traditional sky-iron, but the significance, and the fact that it is to imitate human rulers, is never explained. Moreover, the daemon doll he carries to make himself feel "more human" is dropped, much like Billy Costa's dead fish was.

Lyra's going to need a fighter on her side soon enough. The Magisterium has packed up, bag and baggage, and moved North, both to take over from Coulter and her failings, and move against Asriel, now that he's free from his bear prison. It's a satisfying moment when Father MacPhail puts Coulter in her place that Iofur is both dead and betrayed her, but she's not taken out of the game that easily. Within a few minutes, the priest is wrapped right back around her finger, agreeing to bring her along because she "knows" Asriel and can get close to him.

After all her travels, Lyra has reunited with her father, only to receive the strangest of greetings. The man is horrified to see her, practically frantic for her to leave, screaming at her: "I DID NOT SEND FOR YOU." He does not calm down until his daemon points out Lyra is not alone. Roger is with her, a fact that makes Asriel frighteningly pleased. Perhaps this is not the safe haven Lyra has taken it for after all.

Patrick: (in a calm monotone voice) Hello Travis, you don't know me but my name is Patrick Jane. I'm a friend. I know you're in a little trouble right now and I want to offer you some peace of mind, but I don't know what peace of mind means to you. It's different for everyone. For instance, I like riding horses but would horses make you happy I don't know. Why wouldn't horses make you happy Around and round in your mind until you're sure and go to that place where you know you are happy and give me a call. You have my number.

Jane, Rigsby and Cho wait in an amusement park and the purpose and nature of Jane's call to Travis becomes evident. After a few minutes, Travis shows up and Cho is impressed by Jane's abilities. As Travis finds a seat on the merry-go-round, the three detectives quietly surround him. When Travis notices them, he starts to run away but Patrick calmly calls his name and asks him to stay... and he does.

Later in the office, Clara explains why she murdered her mother. She explains that she was so angry with her mother for disinheriting Travis and ignoring her attempts to talk to her. She followed her to one of her sessions with Kristina. While her mother was walking down the street, she tried once more to call her but her mother refused to answer her phone. She snapped and ran her down with the car. She tells them that she did it for Travis. She cries and tells them that parents are supposed to look after their children. This statement seems to strike a nerve with Patrick, although he says nothing. After the interrogation, Clara says goodbye to her brother and gives him some sisterly advice.Kristina enters the office and asks to speak to Patrick in private. They find an empty interview room. Kristina asks him to let her have her say and not to interrupt. She tells him that his dead wife has made contact with her and wants him to know that their child was killed in her sleep and didn't suffer or even be afraid for a second.

Catt's level of calm and self-containment when it comes to all of this is enough to make you believe she has some ulterior motive. I also wonder if she made it to Nicky's home that night, saw what happened, and backed away.

Or maybe she's behind Clive's missing body. She went from telling Ana she would confront Nicky, running super hot for someone who has appeared so calm since, to not showing. It has to be more to the story, right

The episode begins with Dr. Shaun Murphy staring at some brand new TVs through the electronics store window. Dr. Aaron Glassman comes by to see Dr. Claire Browne to see how she is doing after her patient died during her first trauma. She says she is dealing by getting back to work and putting it behind her; he sits down and wants to know how she is doing that and says he is making an appointment for her grief counseling; and only if Dr. Mohan says she is okay will she be able to go back to surgery. He tells Claire to be patient. Dr. Neil Melendez arrives at the ER with Dr. Audrey Lim where they meet a patient, who has a broken pacemaker and probably need his coronary arteries cleared; Claire looks at the tablet but Shaun take it from her. Shaun says he is 73 years old, and cannot have a transplant, so he is dying; Melendez says he isn't dead yet. Dr. Jared Kalu suggests cardiac synchronization, which can make him feel better for a few months he has left. His alarms go off, Claire is ordered to cut is jugular but hesitates, when Melendez asks what's wrong she says she drank too much coffee and does it; but as Shaun goes to find out there is an in-house pacemaker and is ordered to get the ultrasound in the ER. He notices the EMS bringing in a young patient who is wounded and they strap him down.

Shaun walks towards them and tells them they are scaring him, as they say he is psychotic. Shaun says he doesn't like people touching him, as he calms down he says he's not psychotic he's autistic. Shaun cleans him up, and when he says he is done, the patient looks at Shaun and says he is the same as him. He wants his hands released, so when his parents arrive they release him hands. All he can say to them is "wrong stop!". When they ask what happen, he says Liam had a laceration to his head, probably a fall, he explains how he cleaned it. Liam says he "got lost!" and his mother is shocked that Shaun was his doctor. His father says the bright lights make him anxious and asks if they can take him home, Shaun says he is jaundice and tender when touching his and shouldn't go home. Jared talks to his patient, explaining how he got there. When asked asked how old Jared is he says 28, and that a pacemaker is being flown in later this afternoon and they will rep him for surgery then. Shaun explains to Melendez what is going on with Liam. He tells him to do an RCP to clear him, after that a few weeks of broad-spectrum antibiotics should take care of things. It's obvious by Shaun's face that he disagrees. Claire is at the Nurses' Station doing work and checks out a psych questionnaire and Shaun interrupts her, asking if she will help him with the RCP saying she is good with autistic people.

Jared is waiting for Glen to pass out, so he can get him upstairs before he dies. Glen says he has already lived, married and loves for 20 years, he is now alone, with no roof over his head and is in severe pain, so it feels like the end of the story. He scoffs that Jared claims to understand. He calls Jared an ass because he suffered because he was rich and only saw his parents at Christmas. He talks bout boarding school and when he became a man and ready to tell them he was done with them, he want to their home, and they were gone, they had sold the house and hadn't told him. Claire tries to calm Liam down, his mother holds down his flailing arms and Shaun begins to talk to him. He says it is okay to make mistake and should make more of them. He notices Liam's red eyes and asks about herbal supplements; Shaun discovers they don't need to to the scope and that the supplements caused the scarring in his bowels and they now have to go in surgically and removes piece by piece to fix it; Liam's mother thanks Shaun for diagnosing their son, but there is no way he is allowed to be involved in the surgery.

Later, Walter White came to the office to meet with Tuco. No-Doze roughly frisked him and took Walt's pound of what appeared to also be meth, which he handed to Gonzo, who gave it to Tuco. While Tuco looked over the pound, No-Doze and Gonzo led Walt into his office to meet him. Introducing himself as Heisenberg, Walt proceeded to demand $50,000 from Tuco, who simply laughed him off. Walt then took a piece of the "meth" and asserted that it was not meth at all before throwing it to the floor and causing a large explosion in the office. While Tuco, No-Doze, and Gonzo were all reeling from the shock, Walt grabbed the bag of what turned out to be mercury fulminate and threatened the trio with it. No-Doze pointed his .357 revolver at Walt, but Tuco ordered him to calm down. Tuco then gave Walt his money and the two arranged a deal for two more pounds of crystal the next week before Walt left the ransacked office ("Crazy Handful of Nothin'").

Because this is now a horror movie, they catch something moving in the middle-distance, and chase it through this seemingly abandoned workshop loft. It is, of course, the suspicious Eastern European man with the crescent shaped scar. Cornered, he calmly, with immense bafflement, sits down at his desk, covered in appliances. They book him, and back at the station, begin to ask him questions about why he is threatening and murdering strippers. 59ce067264


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