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Why Little spines?

The Little Spines program is designed to provide training for chiropractors to enable them to safely and effectively care for children and pregnant women in their practices. After completing the training, chiropractors are authorized to use the Little Spines name in their offices to indicate that they have specialized knowledge and skills in this area.


The Team


Nancy Cooper DC DICCP

Baby Chiropractor 

My approach to caring for children is holistic and focused on addressing the three core elements of chiropractic that are essential for optimal health and wellness: Toxins, Trauma, and Thoughts.

I firmly believe in the "adjustment first" philosophy, which means that I prioritize the alignment of the nervous system as the foundation for a child's overall well-being. A properly functioning brain and nervous system is crucial for good health.

Furthermore, I also take into consideration the nutritional and environmental factors that can impact a child's health and well-being, and work with them and their family to address these areas. Additionally, the emotional environment that a child is in plays a crucial role in how they adapt and cope with their surroundings.

I currently have two very busy pediatric and pregnancy practices in Indiana.

Dr Rose Batanjski

Business Guru

She runs a 7 figure practice in Macomb, Mi. She loves to teach about business and has helped many practices to become successful.

Dr. Rose's approach isn't about coaching, she loves to teach and show you how to have a successful practice.

She will help pediatric chiropractors scale their practices, to be able to see more children and pregnant women.

Due to a life threatening health condition, she had to step out of clinical practice, which led her to running the practice. Now she brings this knowledge with her Chiropractic Office Manager training and Associate doctor trainings

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Sandra Moore DC CACCP

More coming soon……...

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