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What Are Good Towels To Buy


What Are Good Towels To Buy

What is GSM in towels GSM is a measurement of towel weight. It stands for "grams per square meter." Bath towels typically range between 300 and 900 GSM. Luxury towels come in at the higher end of the range, indicating that they are thicker, softer, and more absorbent. This article explains how GSM works and why it is an important indicator of towel quality, whether you are shopping for a bath towel, beach towel, hand towel, guest towel, or bath mat.

Shopping for luxury towels means considering many variables, including price, size, fabric quality and weight. And the weight of towels is measured in GSM, or grams per square meter. But GSM may be an unfamiliar term to shoppers of luxury bath and beach towels. Here at Fine Linen and Bath, we're happy to provide the background you need to purchase the perfect towel for your needs and budget. Read on to learn more about GSM and understand how to evaluate it when shopping for luxury bath towels.

GSM is a universal standard for calculating and comparing the weight of all fabric, including cotton towels. It is derived by precisely measuring the weight of one square meter of any fabric in grams.The typical range for cotton bath towels is between 300 to 900 GSM, with the upper end of the range feeling softer and more absorbent.

To put these numbers in perspective, the GSM of a lightweight cotton shirt or summer dress would fall in the low- to mid-100s. Denim fabric has a GSM somewhere around 400. A heavyweight wool coat or blanket would measure about 700 GSM. Cotton fabric with higher GSM is a denser with a greater concentration of fibers; this is why GSM correlates with quality when it comes to bath towels. A high GSM denotes luxury. The towel will be fluffy, soft, absorbent, and heavy.

High GSM cotton towels are usually better quality. In general, a cotton bath towel that weighs 400 GSM and above is considered to be good quality. The fabric in these soft towels is woven more densely, and thus is softer and more absorbent than a lower GSM fabric (for example, that found in a standard kitchen towel).

When shopping for a cotton towel, begin by looking in the 400 to 600 GSM range. These towels are luxurious without being overly heavy, which makes them ideal for bath and beach. They are soft and absorbent while still being easy to care for. Move on to higher GSM for towels that are thicker, plush, and even more absorbent.

Here at Fine Linen and Bath, we typically recommend choosing a cotton bath towel of 400 GSM and above. A towel in the 400 to 600 GSM range is hefty, not heavy, and still of high quality. These towels offer consistent, reliable performance and a wonderful feel; they are soft and absorbent without being too heavy. They can air dry relatively quickly, and can easily be washed and dried in a regular load. Many people find that a 600 GSM is the right towel weight for comfort and easier care.

A cotton terry towel of 700 GSM and above is considered heavy weight. These towels have a sumptuous, extravagant, soft towel feel, and are an investment. They are hefty, highly absorbent, and rich in depth and feel. High GSM towels are better at absorbing dyes during the manufacturing process, so are often available in a wider or more interesting choice of colors along with traditional white and ivory. Because of their weight, towels with high GSM take longer to hang dry, and usually must be washed in a smaller load by themselves. These are the best bath towels, and do require a little more care.

In all cases, quality cotton bath towels should be laundered with care to keep them looking and feeling great. At Fine Linen and Bath, we offer a specific set of guidelines that include using Heritage Park All-Purpose Laundry Detergent. This concentrated, pH-neutral detergent is made with a proprietary enzyme blend that effectively cleans while preserving the beauty and integrity luxury towels. We also recommend avoiding harsh chemicals like bleach and never using fabric softener or dyer sheets; instead, use wool dryer balls to soften towels and reduce drying time.

Over time, even the highest quality luxury towels can become scratchy, stiff, and dull. They may even lose their absorbency. This is due to towel build-up, which happens from detergent and, primarily, the minerals in hard water. You can restore your towels to a like-new feel with ingredients you likely have right in your pantry. Follow these two simple steps:

At Fine Linen and Bath, we sell only the finest bath towels with mid-to high-GSM counts. Our best-selling product lines include Abyss, SFERRA, Matouk, and Graciozza, each of which feature a range of towels in varying weights, patterns, styles and colors. Read this guide to buying luxury bath towels which explains these variables and offers product recommendations.

Bath towels may be the hardest working members of your household. After all, we expect our towels and washcloths to keep us clean, dry us off, add to the look of our bathroom and, occasionally, wipe up after Fluffy tracks mud into the house. However, despite their versatility, towels are often underappreciated, with many people putting little thought into which type of towel they buy and bring home. But with a little knowledge, your towels will look, last and perform better in their many roles.

These are heavy, high-priced towels that are a total luxury wallow. These are the sort of towels you dream about, the towels at five-star hotels and spas in Santa Fe, and they feel like a hug when they touch your skin. The downside These towels take forever to dry. You can use one after your morning shower, hang it on the rack, and it may still be damp when you brush your teeth before bed.

Less common, though gaining popularity, Modal is made of cellulose from beech trees. It's about 50-percent more absorbent than cotton and won't fade over time, making it an excellent choice for bath towels.

That first towel turned into an obsession with Turkish towels, and the start of The Bali Market, a company dedicated to providing the best Turkish towels - yes, from Turkey! - for people who want to minimize and simplify their lives with the highest quality cotton products. Bath towels, beach towels, guest towels, hand towels....I just couldn't get enough of this perfect towel.

It's the long flat woven fibers of Turkish cotton that make Turkish towels absorbent and of course hotel quality! [Fun Fact] Because they're thin, they also air dry super quick and are the perfect towel for both bath and beach!

You can use them both as bath towels AND beach towels. They're the perfect accessory for those beach days or a special pool day. We offer Turkish hand towels for bath and kitchen as well. You can easily use the same towel for the bath and the beach because the style suits both settings. You can use it as a travel towel because they're lightweight and easily fit in a carry-on bag while leaving room for clothes, shoes, and other travel necessities.

On the beach you can use it as a cute cover-up, sarong or as a dress. To pull off this beachy-boho look, try The Bali Market's Essential Stripe beach towels. Beach days have never been better! Turkish beach towels made from 100 percent turkish cotton are the ultimate beach towel.

I recommend using a baking soda wash and vinegar rinse once in a while to keep your towels super clean. Heat damages everything, especially natural fibers like cotton. You can use hot water, you just might see more wear in your towels over time.

In an effort to help you find the perfect new bath towels, we searched the Internet for the most well-loved options, according to rave reviews and popular brands. We even spoke with a design expert on what to look for when buying bath towels online (more on that below).

Magic Linen, a brand known for its amazing linens that even Meghan Markle is a fan of, definitely did not drop the ball on its waffle-knit towels ($44). The puffy waffle weave not only increases absorbency but also gently exfoliates your skin. Plus, linen is naturally antimicrobial and allows for easy airflow ensuring your towels dry quicker and stay free of mildew, germs or unpleasant odors.

Amazon has a great variety of budget-friendly, quality towels. This set of four plush bath towels ($50) from the Chakir Turkish Linens store, for example, is a great option. They have more than 11,000 reviews and come in a dozen different shades.

Along with the best sheets and bed frames, you can find some of the best towels on Amazon. The mega online retailer stocks a wide range of linen options that are a worthwhile investment. After all, when it comes to the ultimate bathing experience, a soft and absorbent towel is practically a nonnegotiable. Sure, a powerful, high-pressure shower is certainly part of the equation, but if the towel in which you envelop yourself afterward is rough, unsightly or tattered, the whole experience will be lessened.

Rather than focusing on brand name and price, look into the details. High-quality fibers like Turkish and Egyptian cotton are often the softest and most absorbent. Materials aside, a multi-ply construction and high GSM are indicative of a high-quality, durable, and absorbent towel. While expensive towels are often made with higher-quality materials, we recommend looking for deals and doing some research first. You might be able to find the same luxe features for less.

I am a New York City based consumer products writer, with specific expertise in apparel and textiles. I regularly test and write about anything apparel or textile based such as leggings, backpacks, sheets, towels, pillows and more.

The resplendent luxury of being enveloped in the softness of a hotel towel is something you can easily recreate at home. Invest in your very own collection of upscale spa towels and transform your bathroom into your very own 5-star haven.

When it comes to weight, towels are measured in grams per square meter (GSM). The heavier the towel is in weight, the denser and more absorbent it will be. Most luxurious hotel towels fall in the 400 to 700 GSM range, ensuring they offer the performance and softness you would expect to find in 5-star establishments. 59ce067264


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