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She's Out Of My League (2010)


Kirk (Jay Baruchel) works as a TSA security screener at the Pittsburgh airport. He's competent enough, but the behavior of his colleagues should all by itself raise the national security level to red. Apparently unsupervised, they brighten up their jobs by trying to pick up every cute girl who comes through security. This is made more possible because there never seem to be 500 impatient passengers waiting in line.

Molly (Alice Eve) is also fresh from romantic disaster. When she loses her iPhone and Kirk finds it and returns it, she asks him out to dinner. He's stunned, because, yes, she's out of his league. But it turns out Molly is ready to play in a different league, one where being a 10 on the outside is less important than being a 10 on the inside. Kirk's innate decency melts her heart.

No matter what you look like everyone can relate to the feeling that you're just not good enough for anyone else. Insecurity goes along with dating like chocolate and peanut butter, which is the very thing that makes "She's Out Of My League" a fun and relatable film. No matter who you are, the idea of falling in love with someone that you feel is too good for you is something I think anyone can understand. How many times have you wanted to talk to someone attractive but got scared because you felt that you were "out of that person's league" Well that's exactly what this film is all about. Jay Baruchel ("Tropic Thunder") does a great job of playing just the right blend of awkward, geeky and charming to make his character both believable and relatable. Newcomer Alice Eve is as funny and charming as she is beautiful in this movie. Both actors have a great chemistry together and make it conceivable, no matter how preposterous that a woman that looks like Eve could fall in love with a man who looks like Baruchel. While we have seen this basic premise done before in films like "You Can't Buy Me Love" or "10," "She's Out Of My League" finds away of being fun, entertaining and surprisingly heart-warming even if it's not completely original.

The sight of a beautiful woman motivates a man to take up ballroom dancing in Shall We Dance, even though she is definitely out of his league. Another lonely woman fantasies about getting to know a handsome man she regularly sees at the train station in While You Were Sleeping.

The funniest moments in the movie all involve Kirk's family. Their reaction when he brings Molly over is worth a few laughs. Debra Jo Rupp (That 70s Show) is funny whatever she's in and she causes a few chuckles here. Perhaps the movie's funniest scene is near the very end when Kirk finally reaches the breaking point with his family when they're on the plane. I won't ruin the punchline, but I definitely laughed hardest at it.

In Pittsburgh, the clumsy and average Kirk (Jay Baruchel) works as a TSA security agent at the airport. Kirk is out of shape, uncoordinated, not college graduate, has never been in Europe and drives a shitbox Neon. His friends are a bunch of losers that also work at the airport and use to rank themselves and women. His family does not support him and his father used his college money to build a large swimming pool in the backyard of their house. Kirk dreams on becoming an airplane pilot, but he is insecure and without self-esteem. He also misses his former girlfriend Marnie (Lindsay Sloane), who is a bitch that humiliate him all the time. One day, the gorgeous Molly McCleish (Alice Eve) is helped by him in the check-in to a flight to New York, but she forgets her iphone and Kirk holds it for her. On the next day, Molly invites Kirk to go to a party at the Andy Warhol Museum and he delivers her iphone to her. Sooner they date and he learns that she is a successful promoter of events that lives in a fancy apartment and drives a nice car. However, the lack of confidence of Kirk does not let him see that Molly loves him since she is totally out of his league. The delightful "She's Out of My League" is one of the funniest comedies I have recently seen. Jay Baruchel is hilarious in the role of a man that has no self-esteem and self-confidence to be happy with one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, Alice Eve, who is really a pretty woman. Alice Eve was ranked #7 in 2010 in the "Beautiful Famous Faces" by "The Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Famous Faces From Around the World." My vote is seven.Title (Brazil): "Ela é Demais para Mim" ("She is Out of My League")

"When she's this hot, You get one shot.".When he starts dating drop-dead gorgeous Molly, insecure airport security agent Kirk can't believe it. As his friends and family share their doubts about the relationship lasting, Kirk does everything he can to avoid losing Molly forever. 59ce067264


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